• Edge Grain Cutting Board Coasters Hand-made from Select Hardwoods.


  • We put special attention into designing these boards so the grain direction is both complementary and beautiful to look at. These boards are versatile in that they fit rustic, modern, and simple kitchen decor.


  • Because each board is made by hand, no two will look exactly alike. This guarantees you are getting a one-of-a-kind piece that was made just for you!


  • 4"x4"x3/4" Thick
    • Sizes and thicknesses can be customized by clicking Here.


  • Pre-Seasoned with our Proprietary Blend of Beeswax and Mineral Oil.


  • Available with Engraving.


  • There are several Hardwood options available, including Carribean Walnut, Red Grandis, Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Sapele, Walnut, Hard Maple, White Oak, Zebra Wood..... just to name a few.



Edge Grain Cutting Board Coasters (Pack of 4)

PriceFrom $25.00
  • This board is handcrafted from select hardwoods. Your board will last life times if properly cared for.

    • Never submerge in water.
    • Never place in a dishwasher
    • Never leave the board in areas of concentrated heat
    • Never place a hot skillet or pot from a burner or oven directly on the board